Please don’t forget that the gym is closed for Labour Day long weekend.  Enjoy the final holiday of the summer!

Gym is closed

The gym is closed Saturday through Monday

Check the Facebook group for any open gym times!


Tech: -8-8-8-8-8 overhead lunges

4 rounds of:
-1 min. sledgehammer chops
-1 min. sledgehammer burpees
-1 min. rest

We’re doing another one from this year’s CrossFit Games.  The muscle-up biathlon!

Skip ahead to watch your favourite athletes.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got your full muscle-up just yet.  We’ll be doing progressions with the resistance bands and substitutions of pull-ups and dips as the case warrants.


Tech: -6-6-3-3-3 deadlifts (+8 bent over rows after each set)

For time:
-400-meter run
-18 muscle-ups
-400-meter run
-15 muscle-ups
-400-meter run
-12 muscle-ups
+Each time the athlete breaks a set of muscle-ups they must run a 200-meter lap (Optional).
Time Cap: 18 minutes

Try to imagine you’re moving out.  The heavy pieces are usually the most awkward and require two people.  That’s the tire carry.

Teamwork! Which of you is the blue individual?

Teamwork! Which of you is the blue individual?


Tech: -4-4-4-2-2-2 hang clean

5 rounds of:
-10 tire flip back and forth between partners
-50 ft. partner tire carry

Labour Day weekend arrives a little early this year, falling right on the last weekend of August.  For many it signals the beginning of the school year, the approach of autumn, and the general end of the summer season.  Don’t despair though!  The sunny weather remains and it’s a great opportunity to think of the goals we’d like to have accomplished between now and December.

Traditionally, Labour Day was part of the workers movement.  Great parades were held and it was a lot more festive than our current celebrations.  Either way, I hope you’re doing something fun for our last little holiday of the summer.

The long weekend means for us that the gym will be closed.  Any open gym times will be posted in our Facebook group.  Please check there for updates.  Otherwise the gym is closed Saturday through Monday.

Toronto Labour Day

Labour Day in Toronto circa 1900. Why don’t we have events like this anymore?


Tech: -5-5-5-5-5 push jerk (+5 HSPU after each set)

3 rounds of:
-400 m run
-15 front squats (85/60 lbs)
-10 box jumps

Your arms, shoulders, and chest are going to love today’s work.  Just a little warning: this workout is going to take much longer than it seems on the board.  The key is the handstand push-ups.

As we get tired we tend to lose form, dramatically so.  Other than being mean, this workout is a great way to make you focus on retaining your form even when your muscles are yelling at you.  If you can keep that stomach tight and controlled during your handstand push-ups you’ll have a much better go of the overall work.

If you're going to state the obvious after today's workout.  Expect this as my response.

If you’re going to state the obvious after today’s workout. Expect this as my response.


Tech: -6-6-3-3-3-3 squats

21-15-9 of:
-ring dips

Don’t forget that we’re going to be going up Garibaldi September 6th.  Let’s start planning ahead.  We’ll start with who plans on driving, where they’re driving from, and how many they can take with them.  I’ll begin composing this list next week – let’s do our best to maximize the space in each vehicle.  It saves gas, reduces parking fees, and generally makes for a more enjoyable drive.

Calvin and Hobbes.  By Bill Watterson

Calvin and Hobbes. By Bill Watterson


Tech: Lifter’s Choice

5 rounds of:
-7 tire/med ball throws
-30 double unders
Rest, then:
2 min sledgehammer chops

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